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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Port Revision Update

Yesterday's procedure to flip and re-attach my port went just fine. I am back at work today and, other than a little tired and sore, I am no worse for the wear. Fuzz emptied most of the fluid from my band so I'm ready to go to Italy now...Woo-Hoo! Now, I'm just praying that the port stays put this time!


Jamie said...

Tami so glad to hear that your procedure wasn't bad. I am a little envious of your trip to Italy. Of course I'm terrified of flying so I wouldn't go anyway but wish I was a traveler, Italy would be a place I'd love to see. Fuzz is a wonder isn't he? God works in mysterious ways by having you to change your appts. like that and all. Well just wanted to check in and say hello and let you know you are in my prayers as you travel. I'm down around 90lbs. and doing fine. God is Good!
Love In Christ,
Jamie Wooten

Tami said...


That is incredible! 90 pounds! You go girl! How did things go with your procedure? I bet you look and feel awesome.

I'm afraid of flying, too. But, I've discovered that a little Valium does wonders!