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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've hit my first real plateau. I can't seem to bust through the 50 pound mark. But, it's really to be expected...I've had an unfill, travelled to Italy, and been through one Holiday with another one on the way. So, I'm not too bummed. About 3 weeks ago I saw Fuzz and had a partial refill, but I'm still not filled back to where I was before I went to Italy. Apparently, refills have to be done gradually or you risk being too tight. I won't see Fuzz again until January 4th.

So, I've decide that my goal is to make it through Christmas without gaining any weight. That will be a success. I'm going to have to start walking more regularly in order to do that. I'm really struggling to find the time, energy and motivation to get my rear-end in gear and exercise! Please join me in praying that I'll get my act together and get moving. I really don't want to gain any of this weight back. I've come too far to lose ground now.

On a positive note, I bought a pair of jeans at Goodwill the other day. I bought them a size smaller than I am wearing now, thinking I could wear them when I lost a little more weight. I tried them on when I got home and they FIT! I was so happy! When I started this journey 6 months ago I was wearing a size 26, the new jeans are a 20. How cool is that?


Jamie said...

Hang on Tami you will begin losing again I'm sure of it. Actually I've read that sometimes after a plateau you begin to lose quickly again for a time. Congrats on the jeans too. Hope your trip to Italy was great. Will you post pics of your trip? I'm still hanging on also. The pounds are dropping slowly now and I'm able to eat most anything I'd like in very small amounts so I have to be really careful as well. Food is beginning to taste good again and that scares me some. So far I've not experienced any dumping or vomiting from overeating but I have had some pouch discomfort when I ate to quickly and must have eaten to much. I've decided this is a very time consuming learning process and we all are different. Going to the support group meetings has helped me so much cause there is always someone who has or is experiencing a similar issue. Well just wanted to say hi and let you know you are in my prayers.

Tami said...

Thanks, Jamie. You 've made great progress so far and I know you'll continue to do great! Hang in there!