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Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Success

I saw Fuzz yesterday for a check up and a fill. I'm finally back to the fill level I was at before my Italy trip unfill. I needed it, because I was eating waaaayyy too much, and alot of the wrong foods. But, here's the great news...I made it through a 10-day trip to Italy, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with a less than perfect fill-level and LOST 1/2 pound! God is good!

I'm back on track now. This past Monday, I started a very restricted three-week diet (no meat, dairy, sugars or processed foods of any kind--basically vegetables and whole grains only) in order to purge my body of all the junk I've been putting in it for the past few months. And, I'm feeling really good about that. Anytime I've been on a diet in the past and gotten off track, I've gained a bunch of weight and then, a year or two later would go on another diet and repeat the same thing all over again. Ahhhh....the world of yo-yo dieting, I know it all too well. With the band, I feel empowered and equipped to stick with it, even if I slip up from time to time. Actually, it was nice to enjoy the Holidays and eating, knowing that I wasn't ruining the progress that I've made.

Yes, I'm still loving my band. Even though I've had a couple of small bumps in the road ( a flipped port that had to be surgically repositioned and then an infection at the incision site), I have no regrets whatsoever.

Please pray for a good friend of mine who is having her band surgery on February 3rd. I'm excited for her and I hope that the procedure is as successful for her as it has been for me.

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