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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Goal-revised

Back in May, I made a huge goal to lose 50 lbs by October 27 (my Birthday).

Ummm...yeah...about that...

I completely lost focus. I had actually forgotten about the goal until someone asked me how I was doing with it. I've actually only lost a couple of pounds since then.

The fact is, I am terrible at achieving long term goals. I start out strong and then lose it. However, I am not about to give up, so what I have decided to do is work on a much more immediate goal. My birthday is now 12 days away. I can easily lose 2 pounds in that time period. So, that is my new goal. 2 lbs by 10/27. I'll track my food and exercise every day between now and make sure that I do not exceed 1,800 net calories per day.

On a positive note, I have really ramped up my walking. Two weeks ago I walked 10 miles. Last week, I didn't get any walking done becuase of a particularly crazy work schedule. But, yesterday I walked 2 miles and then rode the stationary bike 11 miles. I broke down and bought some New Balance shoes and am really loving having decent walking shoes.

Anyhow, I'll keep you posted on my 10/27 goal. Keep praying!


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