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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Chapter in My Weight Loss Story

It's been a little over 1.5 years since my lap-band surgery. In that time, I've lost 55 lbs. which I am quite thrilled with. However, I haven't lost a pound in close to a year. I haven't gained any either, which is a good thing, but the plateau has been frustrating since I still have about 60 lbs to go.

I knew in my heart that I was not doing necessary things to continue losing weight. Sure, my meals are still very small and the Lap-Band was doing its job of stopping me from eating too much food. But, I had started eating all the wrong foods (junk food, chips, ice cream, etc.) and my walking workouts were not challenging or consitsent enough to really make a difference. I knew I'd need to do something drastic to get the scale moving again.

Enter the Hyperspeed Weight Loss Program offered at Fitness One in Kernersville. Fitness One trainer and regular guest on the Morning Show, Allen Branch, encouraged me to join the program which guarantees a 20 lb. weight loss in 12 weeks. So, the Monday before last I started the program.

Here's what I am doing...Monday and Wednesay I take a 45 minute Kickbox Fitness class, Tuesday I do a 45 minute Kettlebell class. Friday I work out at home with the Fitness One DVD or my Wii "My Fitness Coach" for 30 mins. and then Saturday I do the 1 hour Circuit Training Boot Camp at Fitness One. I am also following a 1,400 cal diet.

The diet is the easy part thanks to the band. I haven't beenn hungry or felt deprived. However, I have honestly never worked this hard or sweat this much in my life. The first week was pretty brutal because my muscles hurt so bad each day, yet I still had to bite the bullet and work out. But...here's the thing..I DID IT. I made it through. I worked through the pain and discomfort and sweat and I kept going. I know this is no big deal for a lot of people, but for me it is HUGE. I just cannot describe the sense of accomplishment I feel.

I love to watch The Biggest Loser, but I used to get so annoyed when the people start bawling in the weight room. But today, I understand those tears a little more. Those aren't necessarily tears of agony, but tears of pride. They're an expression of "Hell yeah, this hurts but I CAN DO THIS! I'm not stopping. All the lies I have believed about myself are just that...lies." That's what those tears are saying. I almost shed some of those tears myself today!

When I signed up for this program, my thought process was this, "I'll work hard at this for 12 weeks, lose 20 lbs. and then take the rest of the year off." In my mind, a 20 lb. weight loss in one year is great, especially because I know the lap-band will help me keep it off. But, I'm starting to think I can do way better than 20 lbs. If I stick with this I can get the rest of the weight I need to lose off by the end of the year. But, we'll see. This is still only week 2.

If you're a praying person, please, please pray for me. I need to stay motivated. I need to keep this positive attitude. It is so hard to convince myself to go work out at 7:00 in the evening after I've been up and going since 5:00 AM. Even harder is setting the alarm on SATU RDAY MORNING to get up and go work out at 9:00 AM. This goes completely against my nature...my body just wants to rest. So, your prayers are appreciated.

Philippians 4:13-14 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles."


Last said...

Oh I have been so looking forward to an update from you for months!!! I am glad to see you back! I am praying for you this is your year I can feel it in the energy in your post! I just had my 1 year anniversary on Friday and I am down 75pounds and my workouts with a personal trainer and 2 other days of hardcore cardio and weights made all the difference. My body laughs at walking so good for you stepping it up! It will yeild you results you want!!! Please check in as often as you can!! I know it can be hard I am up at 5am and have a 1.5 hour commute in the evenings and then head to the gym so I feel your pain but you can do it!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have found www.sparkpeople.com to be such a motivational weight loss site that helps me keep on track and set realistic goals for myself that I can set and achieve. It's free, so you can't beat the price! Weight loss is really more about a life style change - just eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. And, yes, plateau's can be so frustrating! But just think of how proud you will feel when you achieve your goal! My favorite new saying (courtesy of the Army) is "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Stick with it! You can do it!